Monday, March 2, 2009

Poetry Posse # Week 21 #

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The Who is Who, Portrayed in Paint.

This painting portrays some of the more rich and famous

And then again maybe some who are actually more infamous

Can you find at least twenty-five and then name them for me

Because if you can, you are considered to be cultured you see

Let me help you out here with identifying ten just for fun

Although more I can name for you let us start with number one

First we find rock and roll legend Elvis is here for all to see

Standing next to the Bard Himself, William Shakespeare he be

 I am having too much fun in finding all one hundred personalities

My mind wonders to Napoleon Bonaparte his conquests and revelries

Next Abe Lincoln watching curiously the stage of life to his side

As Mahatma Gandhi stands piously and Mother Teresa appears to hide

Too many to choose from and I am in a dither

However I am still leaving many for you to consider

What an amazing picture this is full of such interest and pleasure

Now find Albert Einstein or Marilyn Munro, at your leisure

Before I leave you all to contemplate some of the more obscure in this bunch

Do you think Bill Gates or Bill Clinton will enjoy their lunch?

I know I said ten however Shirley Temple beckons me too

And I ask a question now “why are there not more women, only this few?”

Milli 09


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  1. This is such a cool painting, Milli! And a lovely poem to go with it!

  2. LOL, very good Milli, and I thought that too, why so few women?

  3. A poetic find the person game,
    people, characters, all the same,
    a challenege in finding all before us still.
    is a challenge indeed to test our will.

    Different take on the theme, but acceptable, and such a unique challenege and picture. A few I may be wrong about, but for the most part, I found 25 ... and then some. I should get bonus points for the very last one.

    Besides those you mentioned, I see Van Gogh, Moses, Noah, Mark Twain (sitting next to Shirley on a stack of books), Bruce Lee, Queen Elizabeth, Charley Chaplin, Hitler, King George III, King Ferdinand II, Queen Victoria, Mao SeTung, "Yes sir" Arafat, Castro, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Socrates, Lenin, Beethoven, Sadaam Hussin, Mike Tyson, Stalin, Ghenses Khan, Prince Charles, Pavoritti, Michaelangelo, Chan Kai Chek, and (Marilyn Monroe is right in front of Marlon Brando) ... (Mother Theresa is next to Chan Kai Chek) , Charles de Gaulle , Nostradomas, Margret Thatcher, Al Hirt, Pele, Picasso, Charles Dickens, Alexander The Great, Spatacus, John Lennon, Albert Switzer, Confucious, John Wayne ... (Elvis and Shaksphere are behind the large red table) ... (Bill Gates is upper left corner) ... (possibly Jesus at the large red table, although the band around the left wrist throws me off) ... now finally ... way up high behind the second pyramid taking pictures as always is ... Milli.

  4. I believe Bill missed out Genghis Khan. and Nelson Mandela, right side.

  5. and oh, this is a great piece Ms. Milli. that's very educational.

  6. I agree Jools this is an amazing work of art.

  7. Thank you Teri I tried to come up with something different this week.

  8. Mia it baffles me up to a point and then the light bulb goes on and I know the reason...

  9. Oh Dear Poetic Sir William
    You gave us a challenge to build on
    I am glad that you like my humble try
    Now would that be Milli you see in the Sky?

    LOL excellent hosts that you are and our Dear Ms Deity true
    And I see that you are no slouch as you named so many too

  10. Thanks to the power of the net for giving me this information and supplying this painting Deity. Education is at our finger tips.

  11. I did have Genghis but missed Mandela.

  12. standing of course, next to Peron.

    i really like this Ms. Milli. this is so much fun.
    dang Bill had to name almost all of them.
    i don't get to win a doll. hmp!

  13. sorry, wasn't wearing my glasses earlier.

  14. that is very good - I saw once a wall painting in Paris - something very similar. Where have all the women gone?

  15. MJ ... I missed more than I got. I still think the boxer is Mike Tyson though. I think I also see Maxmillian and Nero.

  16. What a GREAT painting! I've never seen this one! Good poem too, and excellent question!