Sunday, March 22, 2009

Picture Perfect.~ March Madness ~

March is autumn here in my city

So much to do and more is the pity

That I don't find more time

To fit in this festival ,so sublime

We host the Clipsal car race, All!!.. Go! Go! Go!

Then there are the girls from Busting Out with their umm! 

Melons on show.

We also present The Fringe Festival such a wonderful concoction

With small shows and events indulging us in delightful appreciation

My photo here is a personal choice

 Of the girls from Busting Out, both having fine voice

This scene from their concert so funny, yet cleverly done

These ladies have the most memorable mammeries, under the sun.

Oh!.. and please forgive me!  for this Pun!

As this photo is shown to you for, Mad March Fun.

Milli 09

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Photo Taken from My signed Souvenir Program



Milli's March Madness

and Fun.

Titilating fun


  1. Milli what a great shot this is. I'll bet they are a hoot. My shot and my link are buried back in the stacks somewhere.

  2. LOL.. "This is a great way to get your bloke to help with the washing"! Won't know till I give a try.. LOL LOL...

    My kind of madness here---->

  3. wow I was wondering where you was this week
    great shot a bit nutty
    and perfect for the theme

  4. Golly Gosh!!! What else do you guys get up to down there in South Australia???? Madness!!!!!!!

  5. LOL its a bar-all of fun down here Vickie can't quite explain.

  6. It required a certain amount of open mindness Mia but these girls are clever!

  7. LOL Ann I think you will be a sudsation!!! LOL.

  8. LOL Katya you would so enjoy march in this city.

  9. LOL@ Keith. These girls have done some of the Eastern states Keith adn one of the girls comes from Townsville. They are so funny with such enormous talents LOL

  10. Heidi I know that you would have been there for sure. You have a fine appreciation for the arts.

  11. I would choose double spin and watch those protrusions fling.
    I used a rubbing board when young but they were tough on one's knuckles.
    Needing this, like bread, would really make for chuckles.
    No yeast required. lol

  12. bwahahahahahaa!!! oh boy milli! that IS Madness!!!! hahahahahaha

  13. LOL good one Bill
    Your sense of humor is with us still.
    lol very cute imagery Bill.

  14. Milli
    I was making bread when I wrote that and it turned out to be the biggest rise ever.
    It was only stopped by the lid. lol

  15. LOL you are so funny Bill. That is hilarious.. I can imagine that big loaf there of yours LOL. Enjoy it with Sunday dinner. Have a great day OH and tell your wife I sent Happy Mother's Day greetings from Aus too!.

  16. LOL funny and I love what you have written also.

  17. that's so cute!
    you did a great job (as always)!

  18. LOL..what fun..and pretty brave of them I must say....giggles

  19. This is a great shot! Wonderful poem,I really enjoyed reading and hilariously, Maddening in March!
    Thank you for seeing mine~smilies~d~

  20. Spectacular!!!! Great shot!
    Thanks for visiting...Milli and have a nice week!

  21. Great fun!
    Thanks for your visit/

  22. Too Cool!!! LOL Great photo. Thanks for coming by my place.

  23. ...~chuckle~ ... thats awesome ... absolutely love it!!!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  24. THaks for checking me out nice pics..LOL

  25. That's cool! Thank you for the visit to mine.

  26. Yup.. it probably works... cute pic

    Thanks for visiting my page.
    Bert's entry for Picture Perfect (PP) March Madness