Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 85th Birthday Bill

Maybe its because Im a Londoner - The Business

 Dedicated To our Dear Friend Bill who turns 85 today.....



Must start getting fit, tomorrow will do. 

Today I’ll have some wine to celebrate.

Someone’s toy boy? Never. 

Pride, just pride you know.

Can’t fall far anyway. 

I’m on my knees right now. lol


Written by Bill


 Go and wish him on his Birthday post or leave a Birthday wish here in the comments section please. 


A gift for you dear Bill a lovely new bike and the plants are optional...



The local wines are Delicious so I suggest you help your self to what we have left....


              You have now earned               a         new award      Bill                 see below!!!


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Help your selves to a cupcake before you go.


The photo above is a favourite of Bills and I have gained so much from Bill and his untiring devotion to guiding me and inspiring me with my photography. Thank You Bill.


  1. WTG Bill and a Happy Birthday to you as well

  2. Happy Birthday Bill, any friend of Milli is a friend of mine.

  3. Thank you so much for this post.
    Old that I am, I still give a damn
    So if I ride that girl's bike
    You'll have me pushing a pram. lol
    Thank you.

  4. I forgot my joke for the day,

    How would you like to be buried?
    In a coffin with a small shovel and a loose lid.
    Well I'm a cockney. lol
    We make the best out of everything.

  5. Dear Bill, you have given us so much knowledge, love, support and joy. Happy 85th and so many more, please!
    I love you!!!!!


  6. Dear Bill of course it is a girls bike to some however in view of your comments about your legs I thought to call it a unicycle and you should be able to lift your leg easily at that height. LOL. ..Oh I can organise a pram too ...if you like ..LOL...

  7. I tried to find a Cockney song for you Bill but I had to make do with Londoner..don't bowl this maiden over for that..LOL....

  8. milli
    I used to cycle 25 miles each day to and from work.
    6 days a week 2 weeks on alternate days and night working a large lathe.
    Not once did I lift my leg over. lol
    Tilt, swing and ride my fixed wheel.
    Doing about 40 down hill once about 7am on a Sunday morning with no one about.
    Out of nowhere a young child ran in front of me.
    I lay down, kicked the bike one way while I burnt dust the other.
    Child did not know anything about it until her mother ran to pick me up. lol

  9. Bill what a story and I guess you bore the brunt of the dust and what was under it? No wonder you are so fit Bill as you have done the leg work..over the years.

  10. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH Bill. I hope you had an enjoyable day. Hugsssssss to you