Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is ~


This Weeks Poetry Posse  ~


All I Want for Christmas Is ~













All I want for Christmas is


To see a passing sleigh go by

To watch the snowflakes fall from sky

To hear the carolers singing sweet

To see coloured lights upon the street

To watch a night nativity scene

To pick a fresh pine tree so green

To decorate beautifully non stop

To place with angel up on top

To gather around on Christmas Eve

To place with presents, give and receive

To remember why we celebrate

To never! Underestimate

This Season of, Hope, Peace, Love and Joy

That started when a baby boy

Was sent to Earth to teach us All

That God would never let us Fall!

All I want for Christmas is…unified

Hope, Peace, Love and Joy!


Written by Milli 08 cpr




  1. I have nothing to add to that...

    Well done...and I hope all is well downunder

  2. Thanks Seth. so good to see you in your FESTIVUS avi. Mind you I had to look twice lol. All is ok down here and i sincerely wish that all is well for you and yours. I will pop up for a look see at your blog too.

  3. << not a big blogger Milli

    I usually only blog if I find something that I think others will find funny or something gets under my skin...other than that I just tag along putting my 2 cents in other peoples blogs...

  4. Wonderful verse Milli, but I'm afraid the first 2 won't come true if you stay in Oz lol! But of course there is always photos he he. I agree with you on all of the rest lol


  5. Great job Milli it has such a musicality to it.

  6. A joyous piece, Milli and ... Merry Christmas! Huggers, Bill

    (I canno see the pitchers, lassie!)

  7. everything that i wish for... you vocalized sentimentally.
    can we sing it together? ha ha ^&^

    i can't see the photo.
    and did you post this on the blog's comment page?

  8. Sometimes I wonder at you.
    Best poem, Best Photographer and everyone's Best Friend.
    You are a Wonder.
    May your wishes come true Milli and your Christmases be many.

  9. Oh Milli, what a wonderful poem for the season! As usual you brought Hope, Peace, Love and Joy for the season. We, here in California, which you a very Merry Christmas. Take good care of you!

  10. Oh Dear Mia this was a wish time, so maybe one day the first two will come true..

  11. Thanks Rita and so glad that you popped on over too!

  12. Big smiles Rashmi and Merry Christmas to you too!

  13. Big Huggers Back Bill and I did redo the piccies but not sure if you can see them. Funnily enough they are visible to me here though.

  14. We can sing, how lovely. I have now posted this and I am not sure why the photos do not show.
    I will try to redo them yet again.
    Thanks Dear Deity.

  15. Thank You Dear Bill. I also wish you so many Blessings and Good Wishes for Christmas too.

  16. Marcia From Adelaide in Ozland I send you all Warmth and Blessings too. Merry Christmas, Hugs!

  17. A very together poem, Milli! It's great for the season!

  18. This is just beautiful-- the total package here-- the playful meaning but the real reason for the season too! HUGS!

    here's mine http://grannymichigan.multiply.com/journal/item/588

  19. I am thrilled that you read it that way.

  20. Big Smiles Granny you did well with this theme.

  21. Loved the pictures Milli! I hope you and yours has a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  22. Thanks so much to the team at Poem Posse for this award how thrilled I am to receive it!!! wow!.It now sits proudly as my desktop photo.