Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo of the Day ~ Day at the Beach.

As everyone starts to shiver in the northern hemisphere we prepare for Summer here.

The photo of the day was taken at today's beach rally held at the local beach.

It was a rally to let the local council know that we want our local beach left as a drive on beach as it has been for decades. It was originally even used as a motor bike race track in the earlier part of the 1900s and as you can see it offers good sand for such an event.

Long gone are those days however locals do enjoy the day at the beach next to their cars where they keep all the beach paraphernalia close by and handy for the day without the need for a long walk through hot sand back and forth. Parking for many cars is also a problem along the lower esplanade as there are only a few hundred car parks available.

I need to mention that this beach becomes an easy access for the older members of society who can not walk or have mobility problems and also the disabled. Mothers and fathers of small children and babies find it more pleasant too, if they can bring their cars onto the beach.

Over the 32 years that I have lived here I have not noticed any remarkable deterioration of the beach and the way I feel is that if we continue as we have done with a degree of caution and the knowledge that we are privileged then let us continue on with this local tradition.

By the way it seems only 17 percent of the locals want a change from what the other 83 percent see as a perfectly reasonable practice. Count me in the 87%.

The Photo of the Day is a Part of a Set to be found in my photo album

Todays Beach Rally Click here for more photos.



  1. this is a grand shot - now this is Australia - such a shame there is even the thought of stopping such use of this beach.

  2. Why not let the 17% stay away with there cars, bikes. They probaly don't use this beautiful beach any way!!

  3. Beautyfull - Looking at this Picture,feeling much warmer instantly

  4. How very lovely! I'm with nursedave!

  5. what a gorgeous picture, so totally different to what we see here...

  6. Yes this IS Australia very much so. thanks Keith and do come back to see all of the album.

  7. Do you know Nick that you are correct because there are equally stunning sitting beaches near by. Some people stir the hornets nest. I hope your birthday was a good one too.

  8. I am glad you came for a visit Heather and also happy that you enjoyed the visit.

  9. Well, its NOT Maslin's beach....
    theres no nudy-bums