Friday, November 28, 2008

CC 29 ~ Voice

I use my own voice and words to:
Awaken the Soul.
A search from within
For the answers still hidden
Awakening The Soul
From a destination
Destroying deliberately all values
With Random acts of violence
Carried out via acts of aggression
Spurned by hatred and intolerance.
Where is the virtuous Kingdom?
When we travel the path of destruction
Why not seek out the truth
Through souls guidance and introspection
Let us Begin
Hear the voices of:
Your Soul
 The Earth’s Soul
The Universal Soul
All next of kin
There is no difference or division
When we seek from within.
In the outer yes we do divide
Differences sometimes oppressive
Externalisation and pressures unfortunately imbibe
Hastening some to become unstable and aggressive
To awaken our souls will require a shift
See all as one, no separations exist
Before you let the battle begin
Go deeply and ask why am I doing this?
There is no glory in paradise
When in acts of terror and violence you strike
Innocents and Children or is it they too you despise? 
Have you forgotten God made All men in His Like.
Awaken your soul before you take action
Think of those you will destroy by your self-absorption
Your soul is connected to all of humanity
All are as precious on God's Earth, as in God’s
Holy Eternity.
Milli 2007 revised 2008

Using the phrase below as the theme (you don't have to use the exact words) post a poem, story or a photo in your blog.

Remember whatever you decide to post, it must be created by you!

The phrase/word: voice


  1. Nice poem. There are those who work against those who want to bring truth, though. They follow the darkness and seek to do nothing but destroy.

  2. Thanks Cal and yes your words are true.
    From the word Live with just a turnaround we have Evil.
    Two sides from the same coin. I write that when we seek oneness and connection we understand that everything is inter connected and there is no division..Your pain is mine and my pain is yours. Terrorism is a disease stalking and preying on mankind with little accountability for its spread or its actions in the world today. I ask those who perpetrate it to look deep inside for the ultimate truth.

  3. Can the terrorist understand when some have their brains indoctrinated age three?
    Some religious organisations want their followers early, before five years, to make followers for life.
    The landed Gentry and Lords and Ladies did the same with their children.
    Politics are another area, and we all know what the Hitler through his Party did.
    Yes your poem is the way to live for those of us that are not mentally corrupted.
    But how to deal with those above is an eternal problem.

    Sorry just realised.
    Very nice poem that moved me so much I burst into comment

  4. Impressive photography and words Milli.
    Thank you for sharing and
    Happy Thanks Giving
    and Hugs from Mark.

  5. A very powerful poem! Brainwashing at any early age is sad and very is hate.
    You've created a very thought provoking poem with just one word! The photograph is very intriguing as well!

  6. Bill to burst into comment is exactly what is appreciated because this is a good place to vent your emotions in a safe environment. I have vented in my poem. To be able to voice what we feel is also liberating when it is heard in the context that is is relayed and not reacted on in a negative manner. Al your points are valid.

  7. I thank you Dearly Mark and wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving too. Although my wood carving is in non complete form I love her and have had her for very many years
    She is a gift from my friend a wood carver.
    For me she has such an aura about her. I have wanted to photograph her for such a Long time and did so just of late.
    I have always felt that she reminded me of Mother Teresa or Even Mary Herself then again she may be perceived differently by others, I don't really know.
    However I felt her presence was needed here on this post.

  8. Thank You Danette and you are spot on with your comment. I hope you read the explanation of the photo on Mark's comment reply.
    Voice is a timely word here in this Challenge..

  9. another powerful write this week lol I think we are all on a somber trip. It was a great write milli.

    I checked my challenge its open to the public, I just don't keep the other parts of my blogs open due to the fact my stalker in real life is back again.

  10. profound and more than enough to prod my thinking for some time to come. beautiful

  11. Great poem, and message, listen to the voice within, not the one that the world speaks with...great message.

  12. very deep and it is true. our self absorption have somehow deafened our ears to the voice within us which connects us to our Higher Soul, to God and to everyone.

    here is mine:

  13. We live in harsh times, confusing beliefs permeate people and their actions. Life has become cheap. like a throw-a-way doll. Your poem has a powerful message, written with good words of wisdom, strength, integrity. We have forgotten that we are all connected, that we all belong to each other. Where did you find this photo, it sets the mood for your thought provoking write.

  14. A very important message in this, eloquently expressed. Well done.

  15. Great poem, great photo... thank you for sharing both!!

  16. Yes i thought about the twisted ideals that Hitler sought imprint on the minds of youth, bringing up children to be indoctrinated with the evil of anti-semitism from an early age. The baby factories that would provide to famlies of his SS-members... Children who joined the Hitler Youth and indeed died for those ideals in the Battle of Berlin, even as the architect went to ground and died like a coward, unable to face the music of righteousness and freedom.
    It's not just Hitler though, it's a multitude of others before and since, they spurn the light, perhaps feeling bitter within, a cancer that eats away any goodness that remains. Such people shout loud, are masters at cowing the crowd, those who walk like sheep instaed of listening to the voice within.
    Islam is a peaceful religion that unfortuanately is usurped by those who twist it's ideals to suit their own ends, is threatened by western culture, by Christianity. It is a loud noise that disturbs them. The more threatened they feel, the more they fight. A seemingly inescapeable loop.

  17. Just beautiful my friend. A lovely appeal for mankind to allow the Prince of Peace within.