Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pretty Wattles Are Now Showing Their Golden Colours for Spring.

Pretty Wattles Are Now Showing Their Golden Colours for Spring.

The Golden Wattles are in flower now and such a beautiful treat they are on the eye.
Against the back drop of the Australian Native Bush the wattles come alive in their vibrant Golden Yellow. Their colours giving a ray of extra sunshine to any garden or in a natural setting they present a vista of gold amongst the different hues of green.

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The Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is now the official floral emblem of Australia, wattle blossoms are to be found on the Australian Coat of Arms, and the Order of Australia is in the shape of a single wattle blossom.

The photo of the Australian coat of arms is courtesy of the site

Wattles in Australia.

A quote from the site above about why they chose this particular flower says:

"Australians may have made a home for themselves amongst the gumtrees, but it is the wattle tree that has found its way into Australian symbolism. Most Australians can recognise a wattle, at least when it is in flower. In the years leading up to Federation in 1901, the Australian Natives Association (ANA) began a campaign to find a national flower as an emblem for Australia like the rose for the English, the thistle for the Scots, leeks for the Welsh and the shamrock for the Irish. The Canadians had just recently chosen their maple. The wattle was the choice, the ANA committee said, as it was not excluded from any part of Australia, had bright beauty and was useful in tanning hides! The wattle was being called upon to represent an egalitarian, classless Australia of golden prosperity. Wow!"

An interesting choice and now you know why it was chosen.

A very pretty species and I am including some more photos from my

"wattle happy snaps collection"


Wattles in the Bush.
Wattle Views.
Wattle and Hardenbergia.


  1. Monty Python
    recite with an Aussie accent

    This here's the Wattle
    the Emblem of our Land
    you can stick it in a bottle
    or hold it in your hand

    The End

  2. these are beautiful photos and very Australia - makes me proud to be a Kiwi in this Gods own country!. Truly beautiful! I just Love the wattles in bloom - here they are just everywhere to be seen and really bring the area alive with their magnificent bloom. Hope you do not mind the Monty Python quote - could not help myself. Wonderful thanks Milli!

  3. LOL I love the quote So Pythonish..LOL thanks for your wonderful comments and you understand what I am saying about their prettiness Keith.

  4. The vegetation in the southern hemisphere is so amazing. Now the autum is slowly setting in here and the greens are fading. Thanks for the luxiuriant pictures!!!

  5. Thanks for the beautiful greenery that you have shown us. Autumn has just arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere. The greens haven't faded in my neck of the woods yet.

  6. Everywhere is nice on here. Pictures Poems Background all come together with you at the helm.
    Good on yer.

  7. I travelled all over Australia
    without the Leyland brothers.......lol...
    but everywhere I went, the ol' wattle was there....
    even in some of the most inhospitable country you'd come across.......

  8. Welcome anytime Dani and I do love Autumn so I am sure that you will have an exceptional pallete of autumn leaves to admire.

  9. Thanks Johnathon for the visit to my neck of the words today very much appreciated.

  10. Thanks Bill it is so good to have you onboard.

  11. It is big part of our country Peter and I am happy that you have experienced them everywhere in your travels around our wonderful country..

  12. did the dig at the leyland brothers go over your head Milli??
    thought you'dve picked up on that..................

  13. LOL
    actually nah it did not go over my head Peter. I was chuckling away to myself because I am not too sure who else would know them on here. I will always remember their entertaining and very Aussie Tele travel adventures through out the Aussie bush. In the meantime I can always Ask Pete the Over-lander any questions that I might have LOL He is sure to have an answer or two. LOL Eh! what ya say Pete?

  14. Ahhhhh ...thinkin of doin me own doco's darlin...you wanna be my travel companion???
    I gotta say this though......
    You live in one of the prettiest places in Mainland Australia.......
    Its made even prettier by you bein there..................

  15. Aww blushin away I am now Peter...and you would beat the pants off old Albie Mangels that's for sure. Just got to agree this is a photographer's dreamland down here..Thanks again sweetie.

  16. Wonderful post Milli. You know I love it when you take me on a trip through your land.

  17. I love to take you along with me too Texas Rose.

  18. Just gorgeous Milli. I have one in my backyard at home.

  19. Thanks for stopping by Ronnie they are such a picture right now and they are grown around the world, it just so happens that we have over 400 varieties in Australia. they loved it here LOL.