Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poetry Wednesday. Come Write With Me?

This week for most is a contemplative week as we lead up to 9/11.

I thought is would be a nice change if all who visit me on this post, leave me with a few contemplative words for the Photo I took yesterday from the Bonsai section at our Royal Show.

The photo for me sets a peaceful and calm scene and inspires me to try a haiku.

If you wish to write a Haiku or any other style of expression for the theme and photo please do so.


 introspection replete

Across Peaceful Waters

Happy little fishes.

Milli 08


Poetry Wednesday Contributions Always Welcome.


  1. Fleeting Joy or Fear
    Emotions source is unreal
    to be gone in an instant


  2. May all your bits and pieces remain intact on this day.
    Zurich, Particle Accelerator.

  3. LOL thanks Bill the little photo is busy however it was taken from a display and I guess they had lots to say...

  4. fishinng is peace
    peace is love
    love is free

  5. Love your photo Milli. I have never tried a haiku. But I too will try. lol

    funny fisherman
    laughing water
    happy fish

  6. Here is some philosophy hope that it works for you ....

    The only way to fish with an unbaited hook is to dive in the water head first.


    When fishing without a hook one only catches knowledge and wisdom.

  7. Ah got your drift now Bill. Thanks you...A part of an Article in the news today....Scientists have flicked the switch on the biggest non-military experiment of all time, but it could be at least a month before the proton-smashing mega-machine yields any results — or perhaps even the apocalypse.

    The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) hopes the world's most powerful atom-smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), will pierce the greatest secrets of the physical Universe.

    The $9.3 billion LHC, which experienced "small electrical problems" overnight, started without delay at 9:30am (5.30pm AEST) at its underground location near the Swiss-French border.

    "After the (first proton) beam is injected, it takes about five seconds for the acquisition of the data," said LHC project leader Lyn Evans.

  8. Beautiful Mia, I understand you here very well.

  9. Simple and with much meaning Peter and thank you.

  10. Thanks Diana and I love your happy philosophy in your first Haiku. Excellent.

  11. Joel the first rings so true and maybe there is an art to fishing without a hook and I might need to learn it.
    Ah I see there is a second philosophy and that suits me fine. Do you think knowledge and wisdom will also feed me?

  12. Okay my head is too foggy to really think this morning LOL. But I LOVE the picture. That is amazing. And you're poem really fits the image. Thank you for sharing both.

  13. outdoor zazen
    around my mat
    mushrooms grow



  14. PS

    This is probably THE BEST introduction to haiku on the net . .

    In the West we have our children learning language skills using the haiku form. This is quite a useful method of teaching syllabic count etc. BUT it has had the adverse effect of eliminating haiku as poetry in most grown-ups understanding.

    Experience teaches that A GREAT BENEFIT results from a correct basic study of haiku. Takes little time to do and then with practice a fast road to Zen awareness ( in the true sense ). Give it a go dear reader and be glad.

    Then you might try browsing 'Basho' & 'Issa' and read until you get the understanding of : a vision wrapped up in few and simple words.


  15. Small tree in a pot~
    your miniature world shines;
    such beauty, so small.

    Love the post, Mil, I needed some tranquility.

  16. Thats simply NOT a haiku - it is a ( somewhat sad ) statement . .

    snipped in 3
    and stacked

    Few people read threads ( which begs the question )


    sanssouciblogs you say you ' need tranquility '
    trust me - you will NEVER find it until you stop.

  17. I love your poem and your photo. I miss being around bonai.

  18. Pla I have encouraged writing and to give it a go, meaning Haiku or basically anything heartfelt here, because as such the scene speaks to one and all individually and the interpretation will be personal.
    A sad statement for one is not always a sad statement for another it is all in ones own perception and reality.
    Pla you are an experienced Haiku devotee and your clever haiku's are always welcome however not all and including myself are as adept in this poetry art form. When one tries something new or different that in itself can lead to enjoyment or can leave one with the feeling that this is not to my understanding or it is just not My cup of Oriental Tea. There are vast differences between language and interpretation and the trick, if you will excuse the term I have used here, in a Haiku is to change your thinking dramatically from Verse or Rhyming into a very short
    snipped in 3
    and stacked
    with a kigo intact. Not all of us succeed however and maybe we never will. Even so the beauty of the expression and what is meant can still be understood by those who are reading from the heart.
    As for tranquility once again to each their own and your broad statement is from your own thoughts and reality. In fact pop over to Souci's post via my link above to Poetry Wednesday and then proceed to understand from her reasoning why she wrote her statement. You might find the reason for her sadness and understand another point of view.
    Let me include here my words from the top of this post please>

    This week for most is a contemplative week as we lead up to 9/11.

    I thought is would be a nice change if all who visit me on this post, leave me with a few contemplative words for the Photo I took yesterday from the Bonsai section at our Royal Show.

    The photo for me sets a peaceful and calm scene and inspires me to try a haiku.

    If you wish to write a Haiku or any other style for the theme and photo please do so.

    Ps the link to the Haiku is well received here thanks and I usually see your feeds.

  19. This is a paste from the site for learning Haiku.


    This website offers teachers and students an introduction to writing haiku poems, a chance to study the history and nature of haiku poetry and an introduction to the fundamental principles of creative writing. It is free and non-profit making. If you are a teacher, you may download the lesson plans and photocopiable poem sheets and use them with your classes.

    If you would like to teach yourself how to write haiku, or would like to study haiku, or to learn the most fundamental poetry lesson ever, you are welcome to use the self-study units and the reference section.

  20. For anyone else who wants to know more in the form of a book please see this site>

    Extract from the review>
    Rowland’s essay comes to the defense of surrealist haiku, and ultimately of Ban’ya, whereas Balabanova’s essay presents a fresh overview of the development of Bulgarian haiku, noting that “the form [of haiku] will develop in every language according to [the language’s] characteristics,” and that “Haiku is not a perception shared by the author, but an invitation to the reader to achieve his own enlightenment.” If anything may be observed as a slim commonality to these essays, and perhaps this book as a whole, it may be a sort of self-assertion, as if the notion of “world haiku” still needs to be justified or explained, or that the particular styles of some of its key writers perhaps need defending from criticism. However, too often the entire haiku movement, at least outside Japan, suffers from a sort of inferiority complex relative to mainstream poetry, or a perceived lack of respect, prompting haiku proselytization. Perhaps this inferiority exists only to the extent that the haiku community persists in wanting more respect. Indeed, perhaps haiku will gain more respect at precisely the point when it stops insisting on it, and stops evangelizing to turn more resolutely to the task of earning that respect—or realizing where it has already been earning it. Likewise, “world haiku” seems to be in a similar situation within the realm of haiku in general, and may not need to try so hard to assert itself. In any event, some of this book’s poetry may be included by virtue of the poets being members of the association, and is thus potentially uneven for that reason alone. Nonetheless, a significant number of the poems reflect a deliberate sort of rebelliousness (or were selected for this reason) —poems that try to be different, surreal, unusual, or are accepted as being regionally representative, even though a few of them may have been written out of inexperience or naïveté rather than truly conscious competence. Beyond this, though, it is the essays that seem to give the slightly defensive or overcompensating assertive tone that perhaps won’t be needed in future anthologies.

  21. A haiku is a haiku NOT a piece of trivial social lubricant. Call it something else.

    If it is a haiku then do a haiku. If it is a piece of figurative art then do a piece of realism.

    What I find endlessly boring is that very few people are into this blogging for anything
    other than to look at their own repeated reflection and have little awareness of anyone
    else but themselves.

    I look at the sad world of our own making and refuse to participate in this hypocrisy.

    If I am going to do something i do it properly ( or try )

    I put some EFFORT into it Milli.

    Otherwise what do we gain?

    Nothing but more of the same nonsense.

    If it is a mutual aid society for lost and lonely folk then call a spade a spade but NOT a haiku.


  22. The only thing that comes to mind for me, Millie is something like:

    The relazation, the enjoyment
    of a tiny little garden.

  23. hot day
    sun no shade
    fish are cool

    (sorry, recent fishing trip!) ~smile~
    love the picture and the haiku!
    thanks for sharing! and allowing me to share with you!
    ^. .^

  24. I would love something like this in my house...or garden.....or both..... it's beautiful and so peaceful

  25. peaceful, calm, serene
    beauty preserved, pleasure felt
    delight awakened.

    happy Wednesday, Milli...