Sunday, September 21, 2008

Picture Perfect: Joined.

The Picture Perfect for This Week is "Joined"


Joined together are the seed pods from my  Brachychiton.

Brachychiton acerifolius

Or Illawarra Flame Tree.

Milli 08

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  1. wow! something new, milli. but they look juicy, dont' they? nice post...",)

  2. They are very strange looking! Are they edible? LOL Just curious. Very nice shot.

    Empress C's PP

  3. I was like what? But the Flame Tree I am aware of. What a fabulous shot Milli.

  4. Oooo these are nice - fantastic photo Milli - excellent - really like the seeds being revealed here

  5. For anyone interested to se the Tree in full bloom or read more about it a post i did earlier is to be found here.
    Our Pride and Joy This Christmas. The Flame Tree is All Scarlet.

  6. Very interesting shot. I remember your Scarlet tree though this looks nothing like it does when in bloom. Very nice!

  7. Very good take of the theme, thanks for visiting, Milli, have a great week.