Monday, September 29, 2008

Natures Palette.

Photo by Milli 08 cp.


Natures Palette

As I watch the clouds float gently by

 I am aware that I am viewing Natures palette in the sky

It is a canvas changing day by day

From Brilliant blue to darkened grey

Fluffy white cumulus clouds form over blue

As I watch new shapes come into view

Storm clouds form called cumulonimbus

Extremely beautiful to watch and rains from these are fortuitous.

Clouds reflecting colours of red and orange brilliance up above

As we watch the magnificence of the setting sun.

Morning sunrise sometimes offers the more pastel hues

As the dark of night retreats and day ensues.

How fascinating is the dark night sky

Where nature embellishes her canvas with stars up high. 

As a changing lunar glows with luminous intensity every night

And a heavenly painting is always above and within our sight.

I thank the shining stars above for the masterpieces that all can see

An ever changing, wondrous rich palette of Natures Pure Intensity.


Milli 2008 cp


Written for the Challenge

Painters, Artist

Poetry Posse






  1. Wow Milli, that's a wonderful description of nature as an artist or nature seen through the artist's eyes.
    You know I love your top photo, and the bottom one is amazingly well suited to your poem.
    Great work, bows 3 times.

  2. You managed to capture the essence of a painter in your poem.
    The words are befitting to be read when resting gaily on that bench.

  3. Thank you Dear Mia and if you would like to be a part of this group too I am sure that your creative abilities will be very much appreciated. I am a very visual lady and love to write what I am observing and i guess my art form then becomes my writing and photography. You are a true artist.
    Bows to you in thanks.

  4. I thank you dear Ifii or s it MJ?. It was a pleasure to write and create for your new group. Ah! that bench gives me inspiration daily.

  5. You paint with intense formula of words. twas as if I were there. Your grasp of rhyme here was immaculate without pretense. You certainly know how to bring a special moment to life. This was brilliant. Huggers 8=)

    Thanks for stopping my way and your wonderful comment. 8=)

    For those that care to read:

  6. if a picture paints a thousand words, youve found a way to paint a picture in less than a thousand words......beautiful, Milli, just beautiful..........

  7. Oh havent put a link up for others to find you easily......

  8. what an incredible composition, milli! the description of this inspiring picture is absolutely
    jaw-dropping. nature's recurring series of changes is evident in every line of your wonderful writing. now, how can you beat that? (^_^)

  9. Dear Bill from one artist to another might I say I am made humble before your words.
    Pull up a pew and enjoy the view my friend.

  10. Thank you Peter you were my inspiration.

  11. notice opening line in my tribrute to Milli.........

  12. Welcome sweet Pinky. It is my pleasure to write and to know that you enjoyed, is an added bonus. Thank You.

  13. Beautiful pictures and lovely words to go with it Milli.

  14. Sunset :
    paint splattered
    across sky


  15. What can I say about both picture and poem?
    Your pupil has much to learn.
    Thank you.

  16. That was a wonderful poem. I loved the way you brought it together.

  17. LOL Thanks Bill I thought it was me learning from You!!!

  18. Come on Pla I got to have some admirers...LOL

  19. ya have Milli.....more than you know....Plato's just

  20. LOL watch Pla's performance over this little statement LOL.

  21. Thank You Shail your input here is much appreciated.

  22. Aww! Mary thank so much for stopping by and reading.

  23. I will definitely look at the sky in a different way in future - so well written and described

  24. Ahhhhhh, nothing lovelier than the sky in all its costumes. Loved your poem, too. Milli, I watched Globe Trekker last night about a great trip to Southern Australia. The traveler picked & stomped grapes & took a tempting sip of the delicious juice. I thought about you. Have Fun!

  25. Hi Pat I know from where we look at the sky can make the difference as to what we see however we are all living under this wonderful palette and it pays to look up sometimes. Thank You Pat.

  26. Wow Joy I am thrilled that you got a glimpse of us down here through the program. I also love the words' Sky in all it's costumes'..very nicely put.

  27. Absolutely gorgeous description! I love watching the sky, too, and have two albums of cloudscapes on my page.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind words!

  28. oh, the beautiful milli writes beautiful poetry.
    captivating lines worth reading many times over.

    thanks for visiting my entry.

    btw, i promise to sign my name when using the Poetry logo. ^&^
    that was me above ^&^

  29. Simply wonderful, beautiful poem /:-)

  30. Wow this is a beautiful piece of Art!
    And, I also like very much "Carribean Blue".
    Congratulations Milli and thank you for sharing.

  31. I so love this.. driving over the Gold Star bridge here in CT is something I do 2-4 times a day, sometimes more, mornings, afternoons, early evenings, night.... sunsets, sunrises.... I always feel like I'm driving into these amazing paintings of the sky and felt and visualized every line. Wonderfully done. -janeen

  32. A gorgeous photo, Milli. And a beautiful piece to compliment it. How did you come to know the terminology regarding clouds and such? I find when I want to write something I know nothing of, I spend hours online researching. I wrote a piece titled 'The Great Divide' and I'll post it some day. I actually had to study out a literal Great Divide in order that I might write my analogy. A lovely writer, here.