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"You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it."

--  Author Unknown.
Meet Milli, however before you do, you will need to look closely at the photo below as we play 'Where's Wally' Milli Style.
My first experience with a camera was at age twelve when the family acquired a new Kodak Box Brownie. I set about, after much excitement to take my very first photo. It was to be a photo of my younger sister and brother standing in the middle of a horse paddock and I still remember that day clearly. I was twelve at the time.
The years went by and an assortment of cameras came and went, however the instant polaroid I think it was, camera made a great impact on me because you could see the photo within minutes and even after all those years, I still have some of the old instant photos in my albums. Small, square and from another era these photos hold so many wonderful memories, of family,  friends and captured moments.
The year before the millennium was my introduction into the age of technology and as in many instances I stumbled in like novice with not a clue about what was before me and just where it would lead. As it happened the youngest of our four sons was doing high school and to keep up with his studies he needed a pc. The pc was purchased and he decided that I should learn to use it too. Part of his studies that year was photography and the students were allowed to borrow the digital camera from school and use it over the weekend. When the camera first came home I was intrigued to say the least and when he first offered it to me to have a go, I was so amazed at the results that I was the one reminding him to bring the camera home, whenever it was available. I still have a couple of photos from that camera although as happens along the way, computers crash and novices like me have not backed up their images. Over the years I did lose many photos this way.
"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it."
--  Author Unknown.
Photo above taken in Noumea with the Ricoh.
In 2000 I was privileged to attend a conference for my work in New Zealand and it was this journey where my interest in the digital camera and what you could achieve with them really piqued my interest. A colleague amongst the group noticed my interest in her camera and encouraged me to use it. So between herself and I, we clicked madly all through those days shared together in New Zealand. She was a creative photographer and I learnt much from her about perspective, angles and how to use the screen for sighting the subject rather than the viewfinder, When the cd of the trip with all our photos was sent to me, I was blown away with the way the photos turned out and that was when I made my mind up to go digital. In 2001 at the Sydney airport duty free I purchased my trusty Ricoh RDC 6000 intending to take photos in New Caledonia where I attended another conference. My few photos with a camera I was not used too, came out ok however the memory card was only a small standard one.  With such a busy schedule and not too much time to shoot anyway, the camera did not produce the results of the previous year.
My Ricoh and I became an item very soon as I learnt the many features and how to use them. I love this superseded camera and will still use it once I have obtained a new battery. My Ricoh is 'an oldy but a goody' as they say.
These days I have the use of the family's Canon 300D, but use my little point and shoot Canon IXUS70 more often, because it can sit in my handbag and is there for that special moment, when I too can borrow a wonderful photograph.
 Photo above taken with my small Canon locally.
"The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer."
--  Author Unknown
Pansies in my garden pot.
For me personally and being a very creative lady, I find that photography and especially now with programs which help me to develop further my photos into more than just a photo, I am in creative heaven and quite frankly the sky is the limit to what one can achieve, as so many of you here, have all experienced. The Art of Creating a Beautiful or Engrossing Photo has never been easier or more rewarding and I for one am rewarded daily and inspired to improve. My Passion for both writing and photography is rewarded daily by friends and acquaintances who are so kind to contribute their thoughts about my art.
Stocks grown in a friends garden photo taken withe the small Canon.
I think the word 'Extreme' below my face in the reflection on the Show Ride fence in my photo above, does describe my ability to take a wide range of photos from one extreme to another and this suits my personality just fine.
I have accomplished much from both my writing and photography, not on a huge scale but definitely within my own circles. The company I work for have used photos and articles of mine in their news letters. They compiled a small book about their company and my  take in verse about the various conferences were included as a background. I have had three of my photos chosen in the top ten in Picture Perfect which was an honour and have been asked my many if they can use a photo of mine for a project.  It has been a pleasure to Meet The Talented Artists in this Group and now hope, that you may understand me a little better.
Thank You Katya for asking me to write this Bio For Meet the Artist.
Cheers and Love from Milli aka Carol.
The photo above was taken in my garden and edited in my Hp photo program.
Taken with the small Canon.
Out of this world mermaid taken with the small canon and then edited in flickr with picnik.
My Three Top Ten Picture Perfect Nominated Entries Below.
Bed and Breakfast in the Vines taken locally with my small Canon and framed in photo-shop.


  1. I like the last one on this page the most..

    well done

  2. Thanks Seth, it was a fav of mine too!

  3. 1-4-7 are my choice.
    I agree with Seth's choice but unfortunately your viewfinder is not in line with the lens.
    Since the interest is centred on converging verticals framed by the widow, very good, it confuses the eye as the centre line is offset to the left.
    Alas this problem cannot be resolved unless you can mark the viewfinder.
    5 amp fuse wire sprayed black fixed to the back?
    Never found a camera that was perfect. lol

  4. Looks like bill is a know it all???? The best photo is of you, Milli. Hugs.

  5. I love the photo taken at Noumea picture. I love how you captured the light and shadows in the photograph. Milli, thank you for sharing these beautiful shots.

  6. coupeman
    No sir I don't know it all.
    I was wrong, but my apologies for giving that impression.

  7. These are all fantastic! I especially like the last one because it's so inviting! Aaaaahhhhhh! I need a nap! ;-)
    They are all so superb, but I have to say #4 really does it for me. Makes me want to pick up and go! That a fantastic shot and editing you did on it. Just incredible!
    Thanks for the show!
    Hugs - Marcia

  8. Hi Bill, thanks for taking the time to see the Bigger photo of the bed in my blog Picture Perfect Pillows. The photo here same photo however edited in photoshop where I was trying out a new framing technique may have suffered a bit from that edit job. Now that you have viewed the untouched Version I think you can see the difference. Always welcome and I take in to consideration your comments always.

  9. Hi Nick Bill is a professional in the field however I have now given him this photo to view as it came out and not as I have tried to frame it in this version. these is a slight difference. Thanks Nick for your, always kind words.

  10. Thanks so much Marcia and the phoot you have chosen holds such wonderful memories for me. It was warm and balmy and perfect.


  12. Tito I thank you sincerely for your comment and the time you spent on visiting my page are most welcome anytime...

  13. some terrific photos here..I think I am also partial to the last's very special