Saturday, August 2, 2008

Creative Challenge:13

Winter sea photo by Milli.

The Winter (Allegro non molto) - Vivaldi

Click above to hear Vivaldi's 'The Winter' a favourite of mine.

"There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you.... In spring, summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself."  ~Ruth Stout

The only rule is whatever you post, it must be created by you.


The phrase/word: my head in a fog


Winter view from my home. Photo taken by Milli.

Winter has been so cold and unusual in many ways. The fog has now lifted upon the hills and the blue sky peeks through for short periods daily. I know the blue sky is an omen for more warmth and sunshine to come.

When winter comes it is not only the hills that are often covered in fog. It puts my head in a fog too. Not literally, although I have experienced a walk through fog many times and what an eerie feeling that is. No this is that fog of indecision, the winter of reckoning when the lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer step aside and winter brings with it the dormancy and the chilling starkness of our own reality.

 Wrapped up inside the cocoon of our dwellings, keeping warm and dry its often time for contemplation and planning. Why so this winter do I feel confused and dulled by and even stifled by any attempt at making plans and moving forward?

I have become complacent and introspective to a degree and feel happy and content in a way to just be. For me now it is listening to the rain and watching the rainbows, also observing closely all that is around me. Being still and listening to the sounds which nature bestows upon our aural senses, both noisy and melodic.

To make a warm and cosy nest and to both cook and bake the treats that you delay cooking, when the kitchen is hotter and your taste buds require lighter meals. In doing so, all of this winter effort, then gives the house a homely smell and feel to it from the moment you set forth inside the door. Winter's ambiance can become the sustaining bulb for when the new growth starts in the upcoming spring, and our lives start to move out wards again. My winter haven is  not only for me, but for all who step through my door.   

I have learnt that my fogginess is more like a contentment where a rekindling and stoking of the coals then becomes an ideal starting place for renewal. Winter is a time for restoration of the soul and also a good time to savour all that is important to our well being..

Millimusings 2008..


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For all those in the Northern Hemisphere and the tropics I understand how you are climate wise different to us in the Southern Hemisphere and maybe this little article by me will help to cool your spirits a little.



  1. Thanks for sharing beautiful music ( I love Vivaldi), beautiful photos and your writing, the cherry on top! Visiting your page at this time of the day - 8:29am - has been a nice start of the weekend.

  2. winter lake
    only my eyes
    disturb the view

    -proper haiku by plat0

  3. I love this line:
    Being still and listening to the sounds which nature bestows upon our aural senses, both noisy and melodic. (it is a good representation of your writing abilities) and that's why I love coming here!
    ...our emotions are tied to the seasons...well done

  4. Wow, Milli, couldnt have discribed part of my reaction to winter any better myself. I think there is a certain hibernation effect that takes over in winter, and unfortunately, for me, depression because of the darkness.

  5. Climatewise different, but we have the same feelings, only we cannot express them as perfectly as you have here. wonderful descriptive prose.

  6. I've never thought of it quite like that but I guess when i think about it i agree.

  7. Thank you Belita for stopping by and commenting on my winter post. I do hope that your day went beautifully for you. Drop back anytime that you wish too.
    Hugs from Milli.

  8. Pla your haiku is perfect. Thank you.

  9. Danette I love you coming here and your challenge and a big thank you for your comment.

  10. Hi Vickie I think the depression caused by darkness and lack of sun in winter particularly, is called the SAD syndrome. Thanks for your great comment.

  11. Tabby and Kwika thank you both for stopping by and giving me your thoughts.

  12. Brilliant writting and beautiful poem.Milli as usual your have done it in your own immaculate style. Very good. Thanks for sharing. Mine is at -

  13. "I have learnt that my fogginess is more like a contentment where a rekindling and stoking of the coals then becomes an ideal starting place for renewal."

    Well written. The degrees of seasons has a profound effect on all of us. Summers can be too hot, Winter's too cold. Fall, the eternal expectation and Spring, the rebirthing of ideas and ideals.

    All in all as you ended, "... a good time to savour all that is important to our well being."

    We find fault with each season as it approaches, yet we manage to find joy, splendor and purpose.

    It's all in the perception behind the eyes of those who live through the moments. Huggers 8=)

  14. This is very comforting bringing up the warmth and nesting feelings of the cooler months. Something I am rather longing for when our heat index is going to be about 110F today!

  15. "I have learnt that my fogginess is more like a contentment where a rekindling and stoking of the coals then becomes an ideal starting place for renewal."
    I love this. I love it all :)