Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poetry Wednesday: Uni-Verse Continued Part 2.



A human being is part of the whole, called by us "universe," a

part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, has

thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest-- a

kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a

kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires

and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task

must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our

circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the

whole of nature in its beauty.


Hope's pulse shimmers in the future
I extend to touch it
The light changes
And I see others
Throbbing with the same desire


As we watch in unspeakable awe
as we reach to touch the light
we began to fall
before we reach the last flight
we regain our traction
as we start to climb again
we see hoping must be followed by action
planting into life faith like a grain
with the grain we feed the larva
that will evolve to a new creation
nestled up close to a universal flora
what breaks through is our unification.


Sophia's Lost and Found.

In Sophia’s lost and found: treasures
some underwater, some underfoot, some afloat in midair.
For Sophia, nothing is lost.
Gifts return and return and never lost return
again and again:
ores, minerals, seeds, bones.

Gold washed down to the sea, silver and copper
lost and found again there.

These bones that carry me
should return as minerals to Earth and water.
These rare blue clays,
these grasses and moonflowers, fishes and
animals with knowing eyes,
made of potsherds
from Sophia’s lost and found.

Barbara Spring 

Dreaming on the Grand Scale

Everyone contains a flame of love
to be divided here, diffusing out.
There is no light greater than human love.
Our bodies know this when we dream about

this one, that one--it is all one. All One. All One.
And the smile we generate displays the pearls
of wisdom in this firmament of mud. The sun
shines, percolating through our blood. It swirls

the planets round in circles of delight.
And when we face the face of our desire
and mourn, or weep and groan over the bite,
we are denying life-sustaining fire.

Look into the mirror. What you see
is one sweet morsel of eternity.



Joined Together

Hands joined together,
Cannot make a fist
Or hold a weapon
Or strongly strike a blow.

Hearts joined together,
Cannot hate another
Cannot break asunder,
Or fail to care we know



Like you
I'm waiting for that day
When love in critical mass
Bursts into the purest form of light
And abruptly envelopes the world
And all light is love
And there is no darkness
Only light,


Good or bad is our own fit,
If we fix it, we are a great hit.
Right or wrong is our own find
If we mind it, we are mankind."

Shankar Grandpa

T - ogether
E -mpowered
A -mazingly
M -oved





Nothing in this world

can make me love you

but with your hair curled

and eyes so blue

Nothing in this world

can make me your friend

but with your flag unfurled

lets set a new trend

nothing in this world

can make us truly united

not even the wind as it whirled

around things yet unsighted

nothing in this world

says you gotta be so near

yet we watch what a war has hurled

destroying all that is so dear

nothing in this world

is trusted by me any more

not even the flag you twirled

nope, nothing on any score.....



Along the sandy horizon
I walk with serenity
to shores of friendship
waves of warmth
surround my tiny feets




Link to previous Verse is Here


Painting. Kahlo_Love_Embrace

All text and poetry in this piece remain copyright

Collage made by Multiply friend Marilyn. Thanks to all who have contributed here and please feel free to add a verse or words as this is an on going life poem.

Not all who are depicted below wrote for this verse many were friends at the time in Yahoo.

I would like to say that many cultures were indeed included in this verse, Australian, American, British, Canadian, Chinese, Hungarian, Indian, Native American, South African, Tibetan, Russian, Phillipines, UAE. West Malaysia.



  1. Please turn on some music if you feel you would like to.
    Deep Forest Meditation - Enigma

  2. Nice collection from such talented people. Thank you for sharing

  3. Very interesting group of creative people!! Sooo creative!!

  4. gee..theres some talent there hey.............................

  5. Yes there is Peter and please feel free to add if you wish too? It is good to go back to the other post and read it again. In fact I think I will redo the post so it reads like this one in different colours for each verse.

  6. Thank you Rashmi and Sylvie too. Very creative and talented people all.

  7. Thank You Peter you have united with us here now too.

  8. "A human being is part of the whole, called by us "universe," a part limited in time and space", beautiful, we know "no man is an island" but it's always good to remember it. Thanks for the great blog and contributions of all those talented people. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Each and every poem included in this collection offers insight into the universal themes that bond us all in this world. Interesting that although different in theme, each one speaks to us all.
    This is truly an inspirational collection of words and efforts. The music you offered up is perfect! Thank you Millie for this wonderful stop on Poetry Wednesday!

  10. These (every single one) just amazing...a wonderful tribute to your friends!

  11. Beautiful, love the music too! And I am a big fan of Frida Kahlo

  12. Oh these are so amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us. It truly is an inspiration piece/s.

  13. what a lovely collection... congratulatons Miss Milli..

  14. What an inspiring collection of amazing verse!
    Thank you so much for sharing Milli. Lovely music too.

  15. so many choices - so much pleasure - thanks for sharing all

  16. Once again this was such and amazing idea. These works are great! Thank you for bringing them to us to read.

  17. Wonderful Milli. We are the centre of the universe only in individual terms. There are universes within and outside ourselves. Life is a wonder.

  18. Great compilation, Mil, talk about warmth on pages!
    I suppose that this social blogging has many merits--here's a good example about how we are shrinking the world.
    Gold medal, dear!

  19. A lovely collection! Life is fascinating...

  20. Joined Together

    Hands joined together,
    Cannot make a fist
    Or hold a weapon
    Or strongly strike a blow.

    Hearts joined together,
    Cannot hate another
    Cannot break asunder,
    Or fail to care we know

    Quick someone grab a hand

  21. I particularly enjoy the quote from Plato. All these centuries later, and we still haven 't found a way to settle our differences except by imposing our will on others through war.
    Once every four years the countries of the world send their fittest and brightest to compete in the Olympics in athletic contests. National pride runs deep, as well it should, and somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. Win or lose, you represent your people and your country by being gracious and somewhat dignified. Why can't this be done on a daily basis?

  22. There is a school of thought which embraces the philosophy that the "Universe" is willing to grant you whatever is you ask from it. Nothing more, nothing less.
    The trick is that you have to be careful what you wish for, because the Universe is a lot like early computers. The basic operating theory was GinGo. (Garbage In = Garbage Out.)
    You can't put vinegar into the system expecting to get sweet milk out.
    If you are moping around all day grousing about this or that, and groan and moan about it being a terrible day ... guess what? The Universe takes what you have put in and sends it right back to you.
    If on the other hand, you slap your hands together and say "I feel good! I feel great! Every day things are getting better and better. Money is coming to me in the most unexpected and unanticipated ways, I have all my bills paid up and off and I still have all that money!"
    Do that for a few days ... make up your own positive affirmations and you will be surprised what a little thing like PMA (positive mental attitude) can do.
    Anything you do for 26 consecutive days becomes a life long habit. It's just as easy to create good habits as it is bad habits.
    This may seem like some "new age" latent hiippie philosophy dreamed up from too much bong time and listening to too many Grace Slick songs, but even it that is the case, what does it matter if it works?

  23. Hi there dear gileson I am here to agree with you entirely. Did you read the first part of this verse by clicking the link to it in the page? The whole verse is awesome in its ability to express what the average person feels and then conveys from their own depth about unity. Please read the beginning if you will and let me know what your thoughts are. I am also inviting you to right for this Uni-Verse if you wish too. My job is purely that of the care taker of the priceless gift of human thoughts and words here in this verse.
    I love your philosophy of life. Thank you. Milli.

  24. What a great idea! Liked the music too!