Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Poetry Wednesday: Come Live With Me and Be My Love





Come Live With Me and Be My Love
By Christopher Sousa


Come live with me and be my love,
We'll lay and watch the skies above.

I'll take you out upon the sea,
And show you what it means to me.
The wind will be calm yet lightly blowing,
The cabin's warm with oil's glowing.

Just think of us upon this ocean,
Sipping tea as a soothing potion.
I'll climb up high into the rig above,
To share the starry night with you, my love.

The sails will be full with autumn's breeze,
Our bow dipping gracefully into the glowing seas.
And as we dig into my coffers' deep,
You shall behold the things that make women weep.

Bottles of wine from the finest vineyards,
And wool from only the most renowned spinners.
These things and more can be fully your own,
But mostly the beauty that the sea has shown.

The most graceful porpoises will be swimming by,
As the sea birds sing with their siren-like cry.
Precious few have answered our ocean's calling,
Shouting out with eyes bright and bawling.

So take this proposal and fly like the dove,
To come with me and be my love.
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The photo above was taken by me in Noumea and this photo was taken from an island as we waited for departure on the big cats at the end of the jetty.
The link is here if you wish to read the post.
068 Christopher Cross - Sailing.mp3 -


  1. Such love for the Sea...Tis a double Love, me Love

    Thank you for the introduction to another new Poet. Soothingly apt music and picture too.

  2. "come live with me, who asks me?
    be my love, shed ur love who asks me?"
    wonderful yes wonderful and the music is merging my body mind and intellect to indicate "soul music"
    thank you!

  3. nice poem, and to answer the question, I'd love to run away to a south sea island with you, but I think your partner might have something not too nice to say, dont you???

  4. very very nice brought tears to my eyes

  5. Good choice for a poem Milli, and you paired it with a wonderful photo! (and music)
    TY for sharing. This was a feel good post!

  6. This poet makes it look so easy, doesn't he/she LOL? What a beautiful piece of poetry! It flows so nicely and so romantic. Very nice way to start my day :o). Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. You are very creative! Great music, great photo, and I love them poem ...

  8. Milli, I love the photo with this lovely poem--Christopher Cross ain't bad either! Very lovely, romantic work. Thanks so!

  9. This is great. The first line is so familiar, but I don't believe I've ever read the rest. Thank you.

  10. I like this and agree with John the first line sounds so familiar, maybe because it's been said by all of us at one time or another.

  11. There is another famous poem that starts out with the same top line and I will feature that soon This is a quote and maybe this is what many think of when first reading the title:

    "Come live with me, and be my love, And we will some new pleasures prove Of golden sands, and crystal brooks, With silken lines, and silver hooks." -

    -- John Donne

  12. I've read this before, but it's lovely every time! I love love on the ocean, extra magic... -janeen