Saturday, July 5, 2008

Creative Challenge: 9

A Moment in Time.

As we approached along the motorway I saw you.

Standing motionless as better days

Have now passed you by

The future for you is, unpredictable

Because you need love and care

And the elements will surely leave their mark

With further, wear and tear.

Any history you would have recalled

Had you spoken then I am sure

Would have been fraught with struggles

Hardships and so much more.

Whilst families from many generations.

Walked through your door

Today as your solid stone walls

Still hold strong and secure

Roof over your frame stands high and tall

I wonder about you and your past

Thinking about how it used to be

You must have stood there for at least,

The best part, of a century.


Clicking your photo hurriedly

As we drive by

I have your image etched

Long term in my memory

From this unplanned meeting

And, a moment in time.

MilliMusings. 2008.



Creative Challenge Number 9

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  1. Very nice. Very thoughtful.

    Despite meager apperance, the old building was quite stable, wasn't it?

  2. It is as I stated just a passing photo however it looked not too bad from the blown up photo. I love the old interesting, and will stop for a shot given the opportunity. You can click the photo to see it larger if you like.
    Thanks for your visit and comment..Lovely.

  3. And you were worried! This is great!! Both picture and poem!

  4. from one moment, many perspectives....

  5. WOW! I'm impressed, Milli! That's a beautiful poem for a wonderful old building! I can't express how touching your poem is - so beautifully put and so heartwarming. It most definitely put a smile on my face. Thank you so very much for posting it. Like I say, I'm super impressed and in awe.
    Take good care of you!
    Hugs - Marcia

  6. yes the joy of life is more when, some thing is unplanned and met, the way i found u here! my link @

  7. Wow. Beautiful photograph and poem Millie, on the phrase of the theme "a moment in time". Yy for sharing. mine is at -

  8. The adage, "if walls could talk", what would we hear? Would we be impressed or frightened?

    You did well for a passing photo to inlay words here. Very descriptive for a place you knew but 'a moment in time'. 8=)

  9. :). I love the way you treated the Old house, its a living being too if you think of how it nurtures the ones who live within its walls. You recognized its character built through the years...Enjoyed this...

  10. I loved this. I often see wonderful old country buildings, now derelict, and feel sad at the demise of their usefulness. The photograph was a true reminder of a moment in time.

  11. I too am fascinated by empty/abandoned homes and buildings...very creative idea for this challenge!
    I love the lines:

    I" have your image etched
    Long term in my memory"

    awesome writing

  12. This is a great poem! You have a lilting rhythm going her with strong rhymes. The picture is so beautiful! Sometimes I wish places could tell their stories ... but your words did a fine job. Also you have used great imagery that brought this poem to life!!

  13. winter wind -- Papaw's pipe aroma returns

    Somehow... this came from my childhood memory... mostly from the photo but also from your words.

  14. I love old barns, they remind me of olden days when life was slower and people cared. Before we became a me, me, me society. What a beautiful picture and poem, thank you for sharing both with me (heh heh heh).

  15. Now that is real poetry of mind, spirit and presentation.
    I felt so very moved by the thought that motivated it too.

  16. Lovely. Oh the building holds so much beauty. And you're poem made it an adventure to visit.

  17. an awesome way to look at historic buildings i hate it when i seen them in disrepair tis truly sad they are forgotten.

  18. Nice of you, Millie, to have read and commented my post. Thanks. Have a great week. Hugs, Belita

  19. I love old barns. The more worn the more love