Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poetry Wednesday: Model Sheep.

The Story Of:

      The Model Sheep

The story I am about to tell is true.

This is a story about a very special ewe.

Not your ordinary kind of sheep

Oh no this one is not so cheap.


She was cast and made with love and care

Being only one of so few and very rare.

From a distance you would stop and stare

Because she looked woolly and fair

Although, she moved not, to my own despair

You see this ewe was quite unique

Because she was on a winning streak

An actress yes and a model too 

Charlotte's Web The Movie became her debut

As one of a flock of special hand made sheep

Her days were long, but she made no peep

The prop boys moved this entire flock around

Statue still they stood and did their breed proud


Sheep Takes Over the Story

After the movies when animation was complete

All of us sheep were moved out to meet

With children from all around Australia

As we became the photographer's, paraphernalia

Children stood by us and patted and probed

Our fake sheep bodies were in all the photos

To make money for charity and promote a good cause

We travelled around with hardly a pause.

Then I was auctioned off for the highest bid

My new owners paid a considerable quid

To the charity for small children's welfare

Money well used for their health and care

Now here in my own retirement farm

I stand on my own with not even a qualm

For my acting days are now long gone

So I laze around in the midday sun

Until the farmer moves me by a fence

And Milli keeps you all in suspense.

Yes I am a model sheep and an actor too

And I can be a Wether, a Ram or even a Ewe!!





These sheep were part of the mock flock, made for the scenes for the movie Charlotte's Web.

The starring sheep was called Samuel the Sheep and the voice was that of John Cleese and for all I know the sheep I photographed might have even been based on this character.

Charlotte's Web the movie 2006

Major shooting was completed in May 2006. It was filmed on location in Bachuss Marsh Victoria and suburbs in Melbourne, Australia The fair scene in the story was filmed in Heidelberg in Melbourne Australia at Heidelberg West Football Club football ground.

The tour starts here.


  1. A very sheepy story ewe got there................
    can I go to sheep now???

  2. And now we know the rest of the story. Great post!!

  3. the sheep did give me a chance to peep
    on going thru the steep i could only weep
    am i an idiot with sheep's brain
    am i a pot with hot oil drained?

    wonderful narration, vivid bio of the actor and above all did a continuity to the ewe joke which broke loose. good inspirational and truly original thank you

  4. Australia produces some good movies
    on eo my favs is The Gods Are Crazy
    1-3 Milli

  5. oh gosh, read this just in time for me to go count my sheep...LOL
    very cute poem with a little history to boot
    Thank you for visiting mine

  6. Great poem...goes with the picture...good job.

  7. great poem that tells extraordinary story, I dont think many people think of such beautiful ewe:-) the ewe smiles, and I smile too. Thanks

  8. Great Poem, Great Story, Great Pictures and Great Blog. Thank you milli for sharing. My entry for this week a poem - The White Mans Burden By Pablo Neruda - see at - http://tinyurl.com/5rxghb

  9. Wow that's incredible they are so life-like too.

  10. What an absolutley darling poem you have written about this faux ewe!! (smiling)

  11. LOL This is so cute. You're mind amazes me! You came up with this one with the purchase of a movie prop. That is unbelievable but ever so beautifully written! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Sorry I'm late
    This is great Thanks Milli

  13. I liked the way the narration passes from the narrator to the sheep and the dual perspective! Such a cute and sweet story! :)

  14. awesome read! loved charlottes web and and this poem you created!
    thank you for sharing and refreshing my childhood memories!
    ^. .^

  15. This was a fun post and I nearly flipped when I pulled up in my car to be greeted by a statue of a sheep. LOL. I walked over touched it and then wondered to myself" why would anyone keep a statue of a sheep?" Soon enough I had my answers and I took my camera out for a couple of quick shots before coming out much later and taking the night shots.
    I want to thanks everyone here for stopping by and giving such lovely feedback to me about the verses and I also wish to thank my client for allowing me to take the photos and for explaining to me about this unique sheep.