Sunday, June 22, 2008

Creative Challenge:7 "a strength in" Haiku

A Strength in Knowing.
The facade of life
has infinite possibilities ~
open for inspection
Milli 2008.
Second Haiku
Life’s summer facade
infinitely bright possibilities ~
Now! open for inspection
The photo above was taken by me yesterday.
What surprises I found behind the facade.
Life truly is full of unlimited opportunities
Just open your own door to infinite possibilities.
This Challenge asks only that you Create A Written Post using your own words, pictures or videos. This week the phrase " a strength in" must be used in full somewhere in the post.
Have fun!!
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  1. I am having difficulties so I am leaving the tour link here for now. If you want a look at my photo in the bigger picture please just click on it.

  2. How cool! Wow...

    and love your haiku and outlook

  3. is that only a remain that is the door, inside out and outside in? great photograph, i think this u used for that toiletry verse/happening of ladies musings? if i remember right, the toilet at highway petrol bunk of aussie highways! regarding haiku, i have nothing to inspect, for,the inspector is always inspecting! i have inquisitiveness, besides i am ignorant of the rules of haiku, though i know it is an atom bomb with epicentre at a very high richter scale! thanks for ur visit to mine!

  4. All doors lead to places we have yet to see what's on the other side ... do we dare risk, or walk away? Do we let temptation push us, or hold back? Infinite possibilities lie in wait as we find we have the strength within us to surge forward, for we hold within us many doors leading to endless roads of possibilities.

  5. Wow, this is I get to go find out what Haiku means. (smile) Like what you did, picture and poetry. Thanks for visiting my blog at:

  6. once snow-white
    summertime door
    solstice meditation

  7. Great Haikus. Crisply written. Also the photograph is very nice. Thank you for sharing. My entry is at -

  8. Wow!!! your effort really paid off. Haiku are my favorite. The only problem I can't decide which I like better the Haiku(s) or the photo! Love that word facade...
    Excellent job

  9. Hi Milli, thank you so much for stopping by my page. I love your haiku on strength... lovely message there. And the photo is fantastic... the possibilities of what lies beyond that door. Beautiful poems and photo!

  10. haiku
    as sand seen through clear running water
    words fall away (or are transluscent) reveal living moment
    in west we use words to admire their sculptural form
    in the east the zen monks devised haiku as a way of bottling satori

  11. PS
    magically speaking they a temporal portal

  12. Great picture Milli and not one but two Haiku's Great job.

  13. I'm coming back to Multiply, yes, home away from home, Have to re-learn it all, but will leave this morsel for you

    Universe golden
    A strength in the silken strands
    Woven by friendship


  14. old pond
    frog jumps in
    sound of water

    a haiku presents an experience rather than describing an experience - this is so hard for us westeners to grasp when approaching the haiku form.. in this timeless classic by the father of haiku we can participate in the vision and hear the water (and also speculate on many things)

    info portal

  15. Beautifully put..Facades do hide the unknown, it could be strength.

    Not in blogging mode but here's a in the Now Haiku for you.

    Breeze, "a strength in" gentleness
    fast floating feather lands
    Waiting for the thump.


  16. Lovely sentiment and feeling in your poetry, my dear sweet student. The photo evokes the sense of a barrier breeched from the past to the present. There are several icons in the photo: the wall; the wheel; the window; the door; the stone path; and, the evergreen (to mention a few that instantly caught my muse's eye). I have a question about the doorknob placement on the door... seems odd, that!? As to the HAIKU, perhaps, you could "show" more than "tell" your feelings and emotions. There is so much in your two poems. HAIKU tends to pick a paticular focus... such as something in the moment that anchors a certain emotion or feeling. What in the moment gave to you the sense of the infinite? Of course, you do not have to explain, but, I am curious if you care to indulge me with an explanation.

  17. never tried Haiku

    a door
    before or after
    the lifes experience

  18. for gods saki its the chibster from yahoo 360º :))

    info portal

  19. Yes, we have to open the door and explore life's endless possibilities. Facades are there to inhibit us from experiencing life to the fullest. We should find the strength to push open that door.

  20. through the door
    a new life
    start again...........

  21. with haiku we learn the zen of an OPEN EMPTY HEART (like childhood - before the adult socialization process kicked in) we notice that this is a passive non-action (for a change)

    little fishes
    in a pond
    my face

    feed them fish