Saturday, June 16, 2007

Once In A Blue Moon?

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Once in a blue Moon

We have all heard the term once in a blue moon and as a matter of interest here in the southern hemisphere we will have our second full moon for the month on the 30th of June. Making this month a blue moon month. You see a blue moon is more unusual because it requires two full moons in one calendar month for them to occur, and there for they only occur every two to three years. So we only have blue moons occasionally and this year depending on where you live it will occur in either May or June or July. Ours here in Australia will occur in June as we had our 1st full moon on the 1st of the month and the second will be on the 30th of the month.

Blue moons don’t necessarily mean that the moon is blue however the moon has been known to look blue sometimes. To have two blue moons (double blue moons) in a year only happens about four or five times in a hundred years.

Something else happening on June the 21st. 22nd here in the Southern Hemisphere is the Winter Solstice and that means we have our shortest day of the year, meaning between sunrise and sunset in actual daylight time.

Because we are experiencing the cold weather conditions here and this winter it has been the coldest that I can remember for sometime, I thought that those of you from around the world and in the various climates and conditions, that our globe encounters in it’s daily revolutions might like to come and share a Once in a Blue Moon Moment with me here.

The most common use of this phrase is traditionally used to emphasize a rare or highly unlikely event. All those things you may have put off saying or doing, or the getting around to it tasks that you have shelved and only ever do once in a blue moon and now thinking that today is the day for you to do it! It’s your very own, Once in a Blue Moon Day. So seize the day and get to it! Get the romance happening and re-inject your life with some Blue Moon rarities! And share them with us here.

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